Proposed Business Scheme for Small and Medium Architectural Consultant Using Blockchain Paradigm (Case Study: Studio Kano)


Developments in Indonesia are growing along with the increase in population. The high demand both in architecture and construction is an excellent opportunity for architectural business. Unfortunately, the development was not supported by proper preparation of financial allocations. As a result, many projects were delayed or even stalled. Moreover, this problem has negative impacts on various parties, such as architects and contractors.

This paper formulates a new architectural business scheme for Studio Kano as a newcomer architectural consultant who often experiences problems during the process. The majority of this problem is due to the client's financial condition and causes a difference between the results and the initial design. At first, Studio Kano needs to increase the company's productivity and minimize disruption in project development, especially from the financial issues, by analyzing the company's current business situation using two analytical approaches; Business Process Analysis and Value Proposition.

The finding from conducted analysis determines a new architectural business scheme for Studio Kano using the Blockchain paradigm. It will underpin to maintain its design characteristics, maximize productivity, and minimize project development disruption, especially in payment issues. 

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