•   Aditya Pratama

  •   Santi Novani


Mobile banking application provides easy banking services wherever and whenever only using the internet and mobile devices. Today one of the regional banks in Indonesia struggles to encourage the customer to install and use the mobile banking application for banking services because most customers are difficult to understand their mobile baking system and want an easier method to access the services. For this reason, the management suggests increasing the marketing focus towards its current customer for mobile banking and improving the service system to be easier to use and accommodate the user’s current need. This research aims to help improve their service system using a service science perspective. Based on the service science framework, the author has analysed the provider and customer perspectives. Then, the root causes analysis identifies all problems, gaps, and customer needs. After conducting the analysis, the problem was found from lack of collaboration, the registration system to create account not optimal, and mobile banking activation system is not optimal. After implementing the value co-creation and orchestration process, the author proposed service system improvement using service blueprint and value blueprint.

Keywords: Mobile banking, service blueprint, Service science, Service system, value blueprint, Value co-creation and Orchestration


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