•   David C. Wyld


This article presents a look at how leading-edge American companies have adapted to the very changing nature of work in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The article begins with an examination of the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on all of us, placing the pandemic in historical context as a “Black Swan”-level disruptive, historical event. Drawing upon current research, the author examines how the pandemic induced a shift to remote work for many workers, not just in the U.S., but globally, and how that impacted both employees and organizations. Next, the findings of an examination of how major U.S. companies, across many industries, have shifted permanently to offering their employees either full or partial-time remote work options are presented. Based on this research, the author discusses how this change has - and will continue - to impact organizations into the future. The article concludes with a look at the road ahead, as management of all organizations adapts to a very new world of work and a new operating model. To assist and inform managers of how to best make this transition, the author presents an 8-step action plan for implementing remote work into organizations today.

Keywords: Careers, COVID-19, Internet, Management, Organizations, Remote Work, Technology, Work


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