•   Naoual Mhenna

  •   J. Halloubi

  •   S. Balhadj


The aim of this paper is to study the mediating role of work engagement between resilience and manager performance. For this purpose, a confirmatory survey was conducted among a sample of 96 employees occupying positions of responsibility within companies operating in the automobile sector in Tangier. A Structural equation analysis using the Partial Least Squares approach under SmartPLS was performed. For the analysis of mediation, we mobilized the method of Preacher and Hayes, (2008). The results of this research indicate, firstly, the resilience of the manager positively influences its commitment to work, which in turn influences his performance, and resilience has no influence on the performance of the manager. On the other hand, resilience can only influence the manager's performance through his commitment to work. The implications resulting from this research were also suggested.

Keywords: Resilience, manager performance, work engagement, SmartPLS, structural equation.


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