Proposed Business Strategy for Small and Medium Food Beverage Industry: A Case Study of


  •   Aditia Abdurachman

  •   Alvanov Z. Mansoor


Indonesia government urges the public to increase their immune system to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus by increasing the consumption of healthy food as well as massive vaccination and mobility restriction. The issue creates opportunity for an enterprise named focusing in selling healthy agricultural food especially fruits. This paper evaluates the existing business of who often experiences problems during the process in order to create a better business strategy. Using two analytical approaches, which are Business Process Analysis and Porter's Five Forces, the authors found that operational cost is bigger than its revenue because of their business process and fruit retail business is highly saturated. Blue Ocean Strategy is proposed by the authors for By eliminating activities that less contribute to revenue, reducing variance of fresh fruits but increasing the variance of processed fruits as well as creating a new value of products may create a better and sustainable business for

Keywords: Agricultural Business, Business Process Analysis, Blue Ocean Strategy, Covid-19, Porter's Five Forces.


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