Online Recruitment Processes, Online Selection and Human Resources Development: A Significant Influence on Quality of Health Personnel


  •   Widya Sartika

  •   Mohamad Reza Hilmy

  •   Erry Yudhya Mulyani


Background and Purpose Health workers are the main key to the success of achieving health development goals. As a very decisive first step for the availability of qualified health workers, the recruitment and selection process for health workers and the development of human resources is carried out. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of the recruitment, selection, and development of human resources together or partially on the quality of work of health workers at Citra Sundari Hospital. Method; The research method used is a quantitative approach with an associative correlation type. The population of this study was all health workers at Citra Sundari Hospital. The sample of this study was 80 health workers. The proposed hypothesis has an influence on the recruitment process, a system of selection and development of human resources independently or jointly on the quality of work of health workers. Results; The process of recruitment, selection, and development of human resources together partially affect the quality of work of health workers at Citra Sundari Hospital. Implications; The results of this study provide direction and input related to the recruitment, selection, and development of human resources so that hospitals have quality health workers.

Keywords: HR Development, Quality of Work, Recruitment, Selection.


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