Increasing Production Capacity of Oil Country Tubular Goods Pipe Using Oee Methods


  •   Pristiyani Solikhah

  •   Dewi Nusraningrum


The effectiveness of production equipment is very important to pay attention to maintain competition, coupling pipe threading process there has been an imbalance in the threading process time resulting in decreased output due to the number of rejected products which is decreasing in production capacity. To overcome the problem, the data was processed using mixed methods with a sequential explanatory approach, and the overall equipment effectiveness measurement method to analyze the calculation of availability, performance, and quality rate. To determine the root cause of the problem using fishbone diagram analysis and six big losses. The results of the study stated that the overall equipment effectiveness was below the world-class standard, which was below 85% with a difference of 49.74% being the factor causing the failure to achieve the coupling pipe production capacity. The low overall equipment effectiveness is influenced by the engine performance which is a total average of 42.61%, due to failed products and reworked products and the breakdown time for 460 minutes impacting in losses on the engine productivity. These findings pursue the company to monitor, and implement the overall machine effectiveness system to optimize the capacity production.

Keywords: Capacity, Fishbone Diagram, OEE, Production.


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