The Impact of Culture on Employees’ Performance: The Case of Lebanese Companies


  •   Jessica Tannoury


Organizational culture is well-documented in the literature for its impact on company performance and its role in creating competitive advantages for companies. Organizational culture has long been acknowledged as a significant aspect in the analysis of organizations in many situations. An organization's culture serves as an integrated way of controlling members' behavior and as a particular catalyst for the organization's growth and development culture is an essential part of every facet of organizational life. As a result, a company's culture shapes how people think, work, and feel about their job and the business as a whole. Sampled respondents were surveyed with the use of a survey tool. A questionnaire served as the tool. Using the instrument ensured that data was collected in a consistent manner. The six sections of the survey were designed to answer the research questions. The study's target demographic was the Premium Shopping Center's 500 workers. A study's sampling frame is a list of all the research population's components that will be taken into account throughout the investigation. There are 11 divisions within the corporation, with four of their divisions situated in Beirut. The list of 500 workers of Premium Shopping Center served as the study's sample frame. However, only 250 respondents answered the questionnaires. Likert scale questions were used for the closed-ended questions. To elicit even more information from the participants, open-ended questions were used. The research demonstrated that a cooperative work environment had a positive impact on performance because of the existence of a supportive work environment. The research found that psychological safety is fostered by helpful and trustworthy interpersonal interactions as well as supportive management.

Keywords: Culture, Satisfaction, Performance, Innovation.


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