Effects of Micro-Credit Scheme on Rice Production among Smallholder Farmers in Kwali Area Council, Abuja


  •   Sunday Dare Obagbemi

  •   Joseph Bamidele

  •   Hauwa Bako

  •   Funso O. Alabuja

  •   Anuoluwapo H. Ajayi

  •   Samson Olayemi Sennuga


This study examined the effects of microcredit schemes on rice production among smallholder farmers in Kwali area council Abuja, FCT. A survey research design was employed in the study. A total of 100 respondents were used in the study and they were sampled using a multi-stage sampling technique. Primary data was used for the study, and these were collected using well–structured questionnaires Regression analysis based on Cobb-Douglas model was conducted to check how micro-credit influences productivity. Based on the findings, it was discovered that 60% of the respondents were male, 52% were married with an average household size of 5 persons. Results further revealed that 70% of the respondents had 5-15 years of farming experience, and 45% of the respondents had secondary education. The main source of credit accessed by the smallholder farmers is the cooperative society. The study revealed as follows; educational level, household size, farming experience and access to credit were the significant variables that increased rice production among smallholder farmers. This study recommends that commercial banks should ensure that agricultural loan is giving priority, especially to smallholder farmers, as this will enhance the increase in quantity and quality of rice production.

Keywords: Microcredit, Smallholder, Farmers, Rice Production.


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