•   John Odhiambo Oluoch

  •   Charles M. Rambo

  •   Pokhariyal Ganesh


This research was focused on assessing how monitoring and evaluation work plan influence provision of curative and preventive tuberculosis healthcare practices in institutions of public health in Kisumu County, Kenya. The study unit of analysis was public health institutions that practice M&E system on provision of health care services. The target population consisting of doctors, M&E officers, clinical officers, nurses and patients in four public health institutions in Kisumu county, Kenya. The study was guided by pragmatism paradigm. A descriptive survey research design was employed to collect both quantitative and qualitative data and correlational design was used to test the hypothesis. A sample of 221 respondents was selected from a population of 517 using stratified random sampling. A structured questionnaire with both open and close ended with Likert type on 1-5 five point scale and interview schedule was used to collect data. A descriptive survey research design was employed to collect both quantitative and qualitative data and correlational design was used to test the hypothesis. Quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics and data presented in frequency tables using means and standard deviations while qualitative data was presented in in narrative statements. Hypothesis was tested using linear regression at 0.05 level of significance to determine the degree and direction of relationships among variables. The study attained reliability of instruments using Cronbach Alpha coefficient of 0.735 for all items implying that the instrument was reliable. The results indicated that showed that M&E work plan regression was (r2=0.028, p<0.05). The study results indicated that present results for quantitative data based on composite mean score of 3.90 and 0.447 standard deviation for this variable. M&E system therefore, contributes significantly to the effective provision of curative and preventive tuberculosis health care services in public health institutions.  

Keywords: Monitoring and Evaluation system; M&E work plan; Stakeholder Participation; Organizational Structure and Provision of Curative and Preventive Tuberculosis Health Care Services


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