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Lazada Indonesia's competitive advantage as a marketplace in Indonesia is determined in this article. Internal and external factors were identified to analyze the SWOT and the strategies implemented by Lazada. In-depth interviews, observations and documentation studies are used to collect data. All students of the Doctoral Program of Management Science in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia were respondents of this study. They all 112 respondents. The SWOT analysis results show that in the first quadrant, Lazada implements an aggressive growth strategy in achieving competitive advantage. Existing strengths and opportunities put Lazada in a advantageous position and maximally utilizing external forces to seize opportunities. Lazada is a pioneer of free shipping of goods and services for returning goods from consumers. Lazada is also increasingly expanding its products to fulfill the consumers desires.

Keywords: Competitive Advantage, SWOT Analysis, Aggressive Growth Strategy, Lazada Indonesia


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