•   Blerta Haliti Baruti


The purpose of this paper is to extract the important factors in the nature of insurance companies and their direct role in the economic and financial system development. This market study aims to analyse the insurance system in Kosovo by determining and then analysing its structure, the degree of concentration of insurance companies on the insurance market, their behaviour towards price, number of participants, companies operating in this market and types of products and services they provide. Our analysis are gathered on statistical and qualitative data through the study of the theories on insurance market development in other countries. Furthermore, for the empirical analysis, we used secondary data from Central Bank of Kosovo, Insurance Companies and Association Insurance of Kosovo. Also, we conducted two surveys. First, we conducted a survey with finance managers from all insurance companies and secondary survey was in general, for people who work. This way we tried to get a better understanding of the issue at hand.  The identification of these factors would enable insurance companies to design policies that tackle the demands of consumers for voluntary insurance policies and at the same time to contribute to financial stability of Kosovo’s economy. At the end we have to come out with conclusions on the main research question: Does Insurance Development affect the Financial Markets in developing countries? The expected outcome is that the insurance sector in Kosovo is an important factor for the further development of the financial system.

Keywords: Insurance Market; Development; Financial System, Economic Growth


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