•   Priscilla Wambui Muhoro

  •   Anita Wanjugu Wachira

  •   David Kiarie Mburu


This study was carried out to assess the effect of integrated employee training on sustainable mobility of Matatu Sacco in public transport sector in Nairobi County. Training in transport sector is of paramount importance as it makes the drivers more responsible which in turn reduces road accident, vehicle maintenance and enhances proper handling of passengers and creates an improved public image for the sector. The study comprised of 177 Sacco Managers representing all the Matatu Sacco registered by NTSA in Nairobi County in 2015.NTSA, 2015. The study was guided by positivism philosophy where census was applied and adopted mixed method research design. Data from the Sacco Managers was collected using a structured questionnaire, while an interview schedule was used for the representatives from both the MoT and VOA. Data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics, and the results revealed that influence of integrated employee training, had significant influence on sustainable mobility of Matatu Saccos in public transport sector in Nairobi County, Kenya. The results also revealed that there has been training of simple technical skills, such as, maintenance of vehicles and first aid to the drivers. It can be concluded that training drivers on safety improves public image in Matatu Saccos. Recommendations can be made that it is important to conduct training needs assessment before training employees to ensure missing gaps or mismatch on the skills are well filled or captured to ensure training objectives are achieved effectively. This would enable both the ministry of transport and Sacco management to develop competent training programs for its employees.

Keywords: integrated employee, training, sustainability, mobility, Public Transport


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