•   Yohanes Dicky

  •   Alvanoz Zpalanzani Mansoor


Teemochi is a fashion brand that values comfort the most and expect users to get a deep feeling of comfort by using Teemochi products. Teemochi, which just arrived in the community in October 2019, has a number of problems with brand awareness and relatively little sales. Therefore, the aim of this research is to create a marketing communication strategy that increases Teemochi brand awareness and how that marketing strategy can also affect sales.
This study uses internal and external analysis to know the conditions and look for sources of problems that exist in the Teemochi. In internal analysis, this research uses Resource Based View Analysis which using Segmenting, targeting, and positioning (STP) internal data and Marketing Mix before. In external Teemochi analysis uses Customer Analysis, Competitor Analysis and Industry Analysis using Porter’s 5 Forces. After knowing the condition and the problems faced by Teemochi, it is known that promotion is the main problem that will be discussed further to help Teemochi in general.
Therefore, recommendations that can be given in this study include Instagram Advertising, Paid promotion, Video marketing and 17 other promotional strategies. The direct marketing method on social media especially through Instagram is the chosen method so that the existing marketing strategy can increase Teemochi brand awareness and influence also to increase Teemochi sales.
After all analysis and strategy development have been outlined, a timeline and budgetary budget are also made to realize all marketing strategies that have been formed. All strategies that have been made will lead and lift one value from Teemochi itself, namely "Comfy" with the slogan #ComfyEveryday and #ComfyCanBeFun.

Keywords: Marketing Mix, Promotions, Direct Marketing, Instagram


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