•   Adela Paingan Balasa


The novel corona outbreak that started in Wuhan China in Autumn 2019, has infected and killed hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. People around the world are scared because a vaccine has not yet been developed to cure this disease. Scientists and health experts around the world are working hard to develop medical countermeasures to control the spread of the COVID 19 outbreak. COVID-19 pandemic created an unprecedented world crisis to our health and changed the way we perceived our world and our everyday lives. To be able to contain the pattern of transmission of this deadly virus, health experts suggests to each one of us to observe the required safety measures such as social distancing and washing our hands with soap and water in a regular basis and observe a proper hygiene. The role of different mass media channels skyrocketing in our lives on different levels. During this time of the pandemic, mass media have been highly recognized as strongest forces in promoting solidarity to people around the world. It has been followed by an increasing volume of research closed to the footsteps of technological transformations intended to map mass media strongest impacts on how we perceived ourselves during this time of the pandemic. Why lockdown and social distancing amid corona virus? When will this outbreak end? What does flattening the curve mean in relation to Corona Virus? This paper discusses the significance of social distancing, lockdown and flattening the curve as countermeasures in order to win the fight against COVID 19. Meanwhile, other interventions and prevention measures such as, lockdown, community quarantine and social distancing are all the necessary interventions and prevention measures that governments all over the world are urging their citizens to do in order to delay and prevent the spread as well as to flatten the curve against COVID-19.

Keywords: COVID 19, Pandemic, Flattening Curve, Lockdown – Quarantine, Social Distancing


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