•   Muhammad Abdullah Idrees

  •   Muhammad Arsalan Khan

  •   Ayesha Khan


The purpose of this thesis is to analyze the factors affecting consumer buying behavior for electronic notebook in Pakistan. The vast formulation that has taken place in IT sector followed by many rivals and acquisitions in the market place, lead both practitioners and students to concentrate on the consumer buying behavior and decision making in notebook industry. NDP Group report published in 2003 national computer has, that US was making more money by selling laptops then selling desktop computers. This was the first time US outdated desktop personal computers to the revolutionary notebooks. This research will explain the factors influencing the buying behavior of electronic notebooks. What makes this study different from other is that it discusses the many factors affecting while a consumer is making a notebook purchase. It is found that core technical specifications, band image, price and connectivity, fashion and trends, physical appearance, value function and technology, and remote are the few factors that affect consumers' notebook purchases.

Keywords: Advertising; Brand Loyalty; Consumer Buying Behavior; Fashion; Price; Technology.


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