•   Eris Ceylan

  •   Ayca Can Kirgiz


Economic crisis is a reason for concern for every country in the world and it has a widespread impact on people. When we look at the economic crises in history, most of them were accompanied by high inflation, depreciation of money and rising unemployment rates. The negative impact of economic crisis on people's living standards also leads to changes in their consumption habits which is already a difficult task to predict. The aim of this study is to discuss the effects of the economic crisis that was started in 2018 and still ongoing, on purchasing behavior of the consumers in Turkey based on scientific data and methods. The results were interpreted by comparing them with the results of a previous study that has been conducted after 2008 economic crisis in Turkey. For this purpose, a survey which was prepared considering the possible effects of the crisis conducted on 456 consumers over the age of 18 and currently living in Turkey. The results were analyzed and discussed comparing groups of participants with different demographic information.

Keywords: Consumption habits, economic crisis, purchasing behavior


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