•   Ana Paula Ferreira Martins Pignaton

  •   Marcelo Oliveira

  •   Gabriela Veroneze

  •   Marcelo Pereira


The process of research, development and innovation (RD&I) is very important for the technological growth of a nation. Because they are activities with a considerable level of uncertainty, they require a lot of planning, with the execution of projects and a robust risk management. In the Western Amazon is one of the largest industrial parks in Brazil, subsidized by tax benefits from Law No. 8,387 / 1991, which also establishes the obligation for companies that manufacture computer goods to allocate part of their revenue for the implementation of projects of Research and Development. Studies show that the results of RD&I activities carried out in the Western Amazon, as well as in Brazil, are deficient. Thus, this work aimed to present a risk management model that can contribute to a better management of processes related to RD&I in the Western Amazon. The methodology consisted of a scientific research of applied nature, whose data were collected through bibliographic, documentary and case study research, and later they were analyzed in a qualitative way. It was concluded that the risk management model presented here is a practical manual composed of a detailed procedural rite of great value for managers who want to implement a risk management program in their organizations and, specifically in the case of SUFRAMA, represents a support instrument to guide the management of risks inherent to RD&I activities developed in the Western Amazon,  enhancing its results and contributing to expand the technological development of the region.

Keywords: risk management; research, development and innovation; Western Amazon.


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