•   Ignasia Tiffani

  •   Harimukti Wandebori


PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) as one of the oldest SOEs in Indonesia strives to survive in the 4.0 industry era. One of the efforts is by diversifying its business. However, the current strategy implemented is not in accordance with the current condition of the company. It can be seen from the performance of PT Pos Indonesia which has been getting worse from year to year and does not reach the planned company targets. The condition causes a value-reducing for PT Pos Indonesia. To identify problems in this research using external analysis, internal analysis, and SWOT analysis. This research uses qualitative methods using primary data and secondary data. The business issue of PT Pos Indonesia is the performance and sustainability of PT Pos Indonesia which is getting worse related to business units and affiliations. To find the appropriate solution for company’s problem, this research proposes a new corporate strategy by restructuring. The tool used in analyzing corporate restructuring in this research is hexagonal restructuring. Hexagonal restructuring can help company to examine constraining opportunities to value-creating by improving operations, restructuring its business, managing assets, and improving governance. The research focused on determining corporate strategies that can be proposed to be implemented. The research was expected to provide contributions for the research on hexagonal restructuring theory.


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