•   Rizka Malia Khulda

  •   Harimukti Wandebori


PT PLN (Persero) Electricity Maintenance Center, hereinafter referred to as PLN Pusharlis, is a PLN support unit that focuses on fulfilling roles in Reverse Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality Control of power plant equipment. Knowing that the government has launched the 35,000 MW program as an effort to realize public welfare and to overcome the shortage of electricity supply in areas with electricity deficit status, PLN Pusharlis has a role in fulfilling the electricity component. To realize this role, good internal company conditions are needed. However, on its internal conditions, it is known that 70% of the total employees not yet possessing competency certification and currently, PLN Pusharlis has not linked its strategy with future roles to support the fulfillment of the electricity component for 35,000 MW program because the project has not been completed, while the role of PLN Pusharlis is to provide electricity components for existing generators. This research aims to identify and improve the PLN Pusharlis business strategy to support the fulfillment of the electricity component supported by good internal conditions. The conceptual framework used in this research begins with analyzing the external environment through PESTLE, Porter's Five Forces Model, and competitor analysis as well as internal environment through resource analysis, value chain analysis, and core competencies. Then the results of the external and internal analysis are summarized in a SWOT analysis to determine the TOWS Matrix which is used as a reference in determining the proposed strategy. The strategy that will be applied based on the results of this study is the Integrated Cost Leadership/Differentiation strategy. The development of this strategy is expected to assist PLN Pusharlis in increasing its role as a support service unit engaged in Reverse Engineering and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing.

Keywords: Business Strategy, Electricity, Reverse Engineering, Integrated Cost Leadership/Differentiation


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