•   Takara Tantarto

  •   Harimukti Wandebori


XYZ has been engaged in the construction services business for 48 years in Indonesia and this company pioneered its work as executor of building construction. At present, PT. XYZ is experiencing challenges due to the decrease in project targets per year set by the company so that it has an impact on revenue decline. Since the business problems occurred, the company has not developed a new strategy to increase the company's target.
This study aims to determine and improve company strategy based on the problems that occur and is expected to have an impact on increasing project targets. The methodology used in this study uses qualitative data obtained from interviews with the company’s employees. Secondary data analysis was performed using the company's Annual Report and literature study.
The conceptual framework used begins with an analysis of the external environment using PESTEL analysis, Porter's 5 Forces, and competitor analysis. All analysis results are summarized in the SWOT analysis. The proposed strategy based on the results of the study with the TOWS Matrix, Authors provides an overview of the Strategy Map to achieve a competitive advantage.

Keywords: Construction Industry, Business Strategy.


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