•   Mruthyanjaya Rao Mangipudi


The Government of India announced Lockdown on 22 March and continued till Mary 21, 2020.  Subsequently the unlock down across the country started from 8 June 2020 with various states following some regulations according to the respective state conditions.  Several industry sectors –Information Technology, Central and State Government Offices, agricultural sector, and other public sectors started functioning partially. Most of the business outlets like supermarkets, shopping malls, financial institutes both public and private are functioning at full level. Several articles published on Covid19 about how to mitigate the infection risk and several literatures available on Covid-19 protocols, enhancing the immunity. However, till today there is no published literature on Covid19 back to workplace plan policies, procedures and protocol to safeguard employees from possible infection. In this manuscript the authors proposed a phase-wise post Covid-19 work plan with reference Agricultural Research Sector, Hyderabad. The manuscript studied the aspects of employee well-being, remote working, prevention of the infection, flexibility, and suggested a framework on back to work plan with phased approach, which is effective and cause minimal disturbance in carrying our routine activities in the sector

Keywords: Covid-19 pandemic, protocol, framework, prevention, phased approach


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