•   Amakiri Don-solomon

  •   Michael Joshua Ayawei


Information is relatively the life conduit of any organization. An inappropriate management of records and the information contained therein could cost organization both operational and financial fortune. The focus of this paper was to establish the empirical link between cloud computing and student’s record management efficiency in Niger Delta University. Software as a service (Saas) and Platform as a service (Paas) were used to operationalize the predictor variable, while records accessibility and safety were used as measures of record management efficiency. 301 staffers were sampled randomly with questionnaire. Data collected was inferential analyzed using spearman rank order correlation coefficient with the aid of SPSS. Result shows high correlation amongst all variables which means that increase cloud computing practices in the institution would enhance record’s management efficiency. The study recommends therefore that management of Niger Delta University should leverage on available software service provides to store all students’ records on cloud to avoid losses of records due to flood and undue physical environmental conditions. Also, cloud computing model should be utilized for efficiency in record management to create good public image for vantage competitive edge.

Keywords: Cloud computing; Records management; accessibility; records safety, PaaS, SaaS


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