•   Bagja Auzan Karami

  •   Aurik Gustomo


RA Planner is a publisher company that focusing themselves in developing product design to produce a journal and planner. They able to sell 23.000 planner in 2018 and generate almost 2.1 billion rupiah in their 4 years after established. However, the human resources in RA Planner starting to fail keeping up with the rapid growth because their lack of structuration and formal organizational design, resulting their inability to achieve target in 2019. This study uses a mixed method research model, consist of interview to current employee and ex-employee of RA Planner after the decision of firing employee have been made in January 2020 and the conversion of said interview to become quantitative data using BARS methods. Both of this methods are carried out to get the HCM maturity level that consist of 5 dimension that can help determine company maturity state and predict the company performance, and the difference between business process mapping of the company compare to PCF APQC using gap analysis to create RACI Matrix. Then, based on HCM maturity level and RACI Matrix, the author proposes a new organizational structure and job description that can ultimately corresponding with RA Planner need to further answer company strategic initiative and solve the current issues that emerge in the company.

Keywords: APQC, HCM Maturity, Organizational Structure, Small Medium Enterprise (SME)


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