•   Ahmadian Hafiz

  •   Dudi Permana


This study examines the impact of Attitude toward Environment, Perceive Control Behavior and Ecological Packaging on green purchase intention of Cleo Eco Shape Bottled Drinking Water (AMDK). The population used is all Indonesian citizens who have not bought Cleo Ecoshape brand bottled water products. The sample used was 120 respondents. PLS is used to analyze research data. The results of this study indicate Attitude toward Environment, Perceive Control Behavior and Ecological Packaging have a positive and significant effect on Purchase Intention.

Keywords: Attitude toward Environment, Perceive Control Behaviour, Ecological Packaging, Green Purchase Intention


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Hafiz, A., & Permana, D. (2021). Analysis of the Effect of Attitude toward Environment, Perceived Control Behavior and Ecological Packaging on Green Purchase Intention on Packaging Drinking Water (AMDK) Brand Cleo Eco Shape. European Journal of Business and Management Research, 6(1), 87-89. https://doi.org/10.24018/ejbmr.2021.6.1.689