•   Mariam Abdalla Alshamlan

  •   Vania Maria Fernandez

  •   Manuel Fernandez


Foreign Direct Investment support the development of the host countries and provides opportunities for the Multinational Corporations to geographically diversify their operations into greener pastures and reap better benefits. This study focuses on a few of the most relevant factors that attract FDI into the UAE. It is observed that the inflow of FDI into the UAE is on the increase year-on-year during the last five years. The relevant factors that make the UAE FDI-attractive are the political stability, geocentric location, well-developed infrastructure, stable currency, well developed financial system, the global crowd-pulling event the Expo 2020, and the proactive and investor-friendly policies of the government.

Keywords: Foreign Direct Investment; Infrastructure; Multinational Corporations; Political Stability; United Arab Emirates


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Alshamlan, M. A., Fernandez, V. M., & Fernandez, M. (2021). Foreign Direct Investment in the United Arab Emirates: A Study on the Main Contributors. European Journal of Business and Management Research, 6(1), 97-101. https://doi.org/10.24018/ejbmr.2021.6.1.694

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