•   Tariq Mehmood Dar

  •   Neelofer Tariq


Online marketing is termed as marketing 2.0, mainly because the ‘2’ here indicates how much double the marketing provides. Doubling in terms of profits, customers reach, and most importantly, brand image. Thereby, the dilemma arises where most of the brands, often even after having the right quality products, fail to satisfy their customers or, in the other case, fail to grow the virtual communities of their target audience. However, the following review article entails all the information needed regarding influential marketing & celebrity endorsements. Thus, to give marketers a new hope and scope in their blank world of Online Social networks.
The paper contains an extensive literature review of 20 peer-reviewed articles published in reputable business journals. These consist of valuable details regarding the dos and perks of optimizing celebrity endorsements and influential marketing.
Moreover, proceeding to the review portion, recommendations have been incurred to further benefit the readers & provide them a fresh insight into the two dilemmas and how brands can use these marketing paradigms to win the game of online marketing.

Keywords: Online marketing, marketing 2.0, customer reach, brand image, influential marketing, celebrity endorsement


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