Organizational Citizenship Behavior while mediating Self-Efficacy, Servant Leadership and Organization Culture on Employee Performance


  •   Lintang Arum Pratiwi

  •   Lenny Christina Nawangsari


This study aims to examine and analyze the effect of Self-efficacy, Servant Leadership, Organization Culture on Employee Performance with Organizational Citizenship Behavior as mediation variables in a more in-depth and comprehensive at Kharisma Potensia Indonesia. This study uses the Partial Least Square (PLS) analysis method with SmartPLS system assistance. And based on the results of studies with through a questionnaire to 52 employees then found the result that Servant Leadership has a positive effect and not significant to the Employee Performance. Organizational Citizenship Behavior has not been proven to mediate Self-Efficacy, Servant Leadership, Organizational Culture on Employee Performance. Self-efficacy has a positive and significant effect on Organizational Citizenship Behavior. Servant Leadership has a negative influence and not significant to Organizational Citizenship Behavior. Organization Culture has a positive and significant effect on Organizational Citizenship Behavior. Self-Efficacy has a positive and significant effect on Employee Performance. Organization Culture has a significant influence on Employee Performance. Organizational Citizenship Behavior has a negative influence and not significant to the Employee Performance in Kharisma Potensia Indonesia.

Keywords: Self-Efficacy, Servant Leadership, Organization Culture, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Employee Performance


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