Education Impacts of a Pandemic on Business Students in the Short Term


  •   Tará Burnthorne Lopez

  •   Michael C. Budden

  •   Michelle Hall


In January 2020, disturbing scenes online of pain and suffering in Chinese hospitals heralded a pandemic that would force the closure or minimization of efforts by many organizations across the world. Impacted efforts included on-campus operations of most universities. With short notice, students were told to leave campuses while many classes were moved online in an attempt to curtail the impact of the spreading virus while continuing the education process. Campuses were impacted in numerous ways. This article investigates the impact of stay-at-home orders on the educational experiences of the college of business students due to the pandemic shortly after its commencement. Findings suggest that the majority of college students experienced changes in their learning behaviors and perceptions after transitioning online.

Keywords: Business Students, Covid-19, University, Stay-At-Home.


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Lopez, T. B., Budden, M. C., & Hall, M. (2022). Education Impacts of a Pandemic on Business Students in the Short Term. European Journal of Business and Management Research, 7(6), 137–140.

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