Identification of Factors which Impact Towards Visit Intentions to Destination of Betawi Cultural Village Area


  •   Aprilia Safitri

  •   Rina Astini


This research aims to determine and analyze those factors which influence the visit intentions to Betawi Cultural Village Tourism Area. This population was tourists who interested in visiting the tourist destinations of Betawi Cultural Village, while the sample in this research was 150 respondents. This research analyzed by Structural Equation Model (SEM) with assistance of LISREL 8.80 program to examine these hypotheses. The result shows that visit intention to Betawi Cultural Village Tourism Area was influenced by motivation to visit and image of destination, while eWOM did not impact the visit intention to Betawi Cultural Village Tourism Area.

Keywords: Travel Motivation, Destination Image, eWOM, Visit Intentions


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Safitri, A., & Astini, R. (2021). Identification of Factors which Impact Towards Visit Intentions to Destination of Betawi Cultural Village Area. European Journal of Business and Management Research, 6(2), 74–77.