An Exploration of Consumer’s Concern Towards Plus Size Fashion Business for Cost and Profitability Projection


Plus Size is strongly associated with Obesity and it results special needs and specifications. For Plus Size fashion business, the plus-size clothing has been a very attractive. However, dissatisfaction was greatest related to the large-size group when studying size availability, then the problem is not just that but rather be like with the shopping environment. So that, cost and profitability of companies are big issues and the company needs to have effective cost from manufacturing without neglecting product quality but still gaining high profitability. This research is aimed to explore consumer’s concern in plus size fashion business, therefore to project cost and profitability focused in male plus size pants business according to consumer’s concern. This research only focuses on male plus size consumer aged more than equal 18 – 60 years old in Bandung City using direct deep interview for plus size user. Using five variables understanding of “Plus Size Fashion”, consumer’s buying process, price consciousness, product-related and non-product-related factor, to ease the researcher exploring consumer concerns in Plus Size Fashion. Those are then broken down into special classification to design the value proposition canvas as the foundation to project cost and profitability. In addition, comparing to the concept of current plus size business, the researcher recommends the to shift another pants’ type product. For services given, just focus on the customization and quality warranty. The plus size user prefers offline but there is still possibility to sell online.

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