A Correlation between Process Management and Procurement Efficiency in Manufacturing Sector


  •   M. Laraib

  •   M. Asim

  •   S. Manzoor


Procurement has been evolved with this era of evolution. Now procurement has become an important part of supply chain, hence the performance and the quality of procurement is measured for the continuous improvement. Here process management and process design play very crucial role. The study aims to identify the relationship between process management and the procurement efficiency. The literature review would support the finding of this study by previous studies and researchers’ findings showing the linkage between these two variables. Several researchers in the literature have addressed the positive impact on procurement efficiency by integrating, and implementing the process management approach, and drew their findings in the favor of this approach. The study is based on the qualitative research, for which the data was taken from the secondary sources, as well as from the primary source, through unstructured interviews from the procurement professionals in different organization of manufacturing sectors. The study concludes the valid and value added results, which are showing the significant and positive relationship between process management approach and the procurement efficiency. In addition, this leads to suggestion of some more valuable implementations.

Keywords: KPIs, Process Management, Procurement, Process Optimization


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