Impact of Organizational Commitment on Civil Servants Performance: An Empirical Study of Alauddin Islamic State University of Indonesia


  •   . Syam'un

  •   . Mahfudnurnajamuddin

  •   Syahrir Mallongi

  •   . Ramlawati

  •   . Budiandriani


This study explores the contribution of organizational culture, competence, work motivation to organizational commitment, to organizational commitment and the performance of 220 civil servants who work in the administration section of Alauddin Islamic State University of Indonesia (Makassar). Data were analyzed using analysis of moment structures. The exploratory findings provide evidence that organizational culture and work motivation contribute fully and significantly in increasing organizational commitment, in contrast to competence the results are in opposite directions. In other causality, it was found that culture and organizational commitment significantly contributed to improving employee performance, while low work competence and motivation were not proven to contribute.

Keywords: Culture, competence, organizational commitment, performance, work motivation


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