Entrepreneurship as a Mechanism to Strengthen Rural Communities


  •   Ignacio Ortiz Betancourt

  •   María del Carmen Meza Téllez

  •   Patricia Margarita Villar Sánchez

  •   Leidy Margarita López Castro

  •   Jorge Samuel Berdón Carrasco


Entrepreneurship has positioned itself as one of the main goals of both public and private agencies. This topic has been linked to urban areas population, marginalizing different groups and sectors, including the inhabitants of the rural areas have been included, which, usually considered by their lower income and social welfare, due to their inability to access sources of employment and services. Then, this research parts from a theoretical review of rural entrepreneurship and subsequently, explores the results from the application of a research instrument, focused on the perception of a group of rural tourism entrepreneurs was measured about the scope of their projects, pointing out the faced barriers and the gains that have been produced in their communities.

Keywords: entrepreneurial culture, social entrepreneurship, small businesses, rural enterprises, entrepreneurs in tourism sector


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Ortiz Betancourt, I., Meza Téllez, M. del C., Villar Sánchez, P. M., López Castro, L. M., & Berdón Carrasco, J. S. (2021). Entrepreneurship as a Mechanism to Strengthen Rural Communities. European Journal of Business and Management Research, 6(2), 107–110. https://doi.org/10.24018/ejbmr.2021.6.2.800

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