•   Alireza Miremadi

  •   Omidreza Ghanadiof


This research highlighted the most essential factors that have influenced CRM from the customers’ side. To execute this research, the researcher has reviewed literature, design a questionnaire, and distributed 430 questionnaires among the respondents in main different cities. Furthermore, the results were analyzed through SPSS and SEM Software. This research’s comprehensive CRM models try to evaluate the association of Physical Environment Quality, Products & Services, Quality of Virtual Environment, and Quality of Electronic Banking Service as an indicator of External Customer Relationship (ECR). Moreover, this study has tried to measure the influence of Trust, Satisfaction, Commitment, and Loyalty in CRM and emphasizes the fact that CRM, ECRM, and Brand management are vital concepts systems that could enhance an organization’s revenue and increase the volume of valuable customers for the banking industry.

Keywords: Strategy, Trust, Loyalty, Satisfaction, CRM, Banking


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