Competitive Advantages of Lazada Indonesia

Dita Amanah, Dedy Ansari Harahap
 Abstract views: 3070
  Downloads: 2938

The Role Of Integration And Resilience For Improving Resource Efficiency

Mohammad Abdullah Shah, Muhammad Asim, Salman Manzoor
 Abstract views: 544
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The Determinants and Outcomes of Supplier Satisfaction

Saleem Ahmed, Muhammad Asim, Salman Manzoor
 Abstract views: 584
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A Model for Comparing Government Expenditure on Civil Servants-Gross Wages And Salaries in the EU24

Joel Chiadikobi Nwaubani, Magdalini Zelka, Artemis Tsianta
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The Effect of Logistics Salience on Logistical Capabilities and Firm Performances

Muhammad Furqan Rahim, Muhammad Asim, Salman Manzoor
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Budget Policy in Uzbekistan: Practical and Strategic Directions

Rakhmonov Dilshodjon Alidjonovich, Anvar Sherov Umarovich
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Millennials Housing Preferences Model in Jakarta

Yunilson Mulyano, Raden Aswin Rahadi, Urfi Amaliah
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Effect of energy and CO2 consumption on the economy in Sub-Sahara Africa

Josiah Chukwuma Ngonadi, Sun Huaping, Joy Okere, John Uche Ngonadi
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Examining the Impact of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on Offshore CO2 in the Sub-Sahara

Josiah Chukwuma Ngonadi, Sun Huaping, Joy Okere, Chuks Oguegbu
 Abstract views: 662
  Downloads: 517

Quality Of Financial Statements And Its Effects On Received Credits For Small Medium Enterprise (SME’s) Indonesia

Inayah Adi Sari, Dien Noviany Rahmatika, Aminul Fajri, Ibnu Muttaqin
 Abstract views: 667
  Downloads: 778