Is a Municipal Sales Tax Compatible with VAT?

Benja Angles Juanpere
 Abstract views: 238
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Influence of Microfinance Banks on Rural Women’s Entrepreneurial Success in Oyo State

Agnes Taiwo Hambolu, Ngozi Bibiana Nwabufor, Acharu Faith Tony-Okeme
 Abstract views: 385
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A Review: Product Pricing of Islamic Banking in Indonesia

Radia Purbayati, Kurnia Fajar Afgani, Agil Krisna Rivanda
 Abstract views: 679
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CRM Competitive Strategy in Financial Institutions

Alireza Miremadi, Omidreza Ghanadiof
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Understanding the Perspective of Behavioral Economics’ Planning Fallacy in Improving Business Strategy for Kopi Bon

Fadhilla Sandra Adjie, Alvanov Z. Mansoor, Sony Rustiadi, Ira Fachira
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Fair Value as a Measurement Basis: The Case of Agriculture in Portugal

Maria da Conceicao da Costa Marques
 Abstract views: 458
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Comparative Study of Methodologies for Schedule Management in an Environment of Multiple Simultaneous Projects

Thalisson de Brito Dinelli, Marcelo Albuquerque de Oliveira, Raimundo Kennedy Vieira, Erika Souza de Melo
 Abstract views: 197
  Downloads: 224

Use of DMAIC to Elaborate a Proposal to Improve the Purchase Processes of the Material Department of the Federal University of Amazonas: A Study on Public Procurement Management

Joice Ribeiro dos Santos, Marcelo Albuquerque de Oliveira, Raimundo Kennedy Vieira, Erika Souza de Melo
 Abstract views: 294
  Downloads: 448

An Uncompleted Federal Government Infrastructure (Project): An Anathema to Economic Diversification

Ifeoma Christy Mba, Emmanuel Ikechukwu Mba, Winnie Ogonna Arazu, Oluwaseun Alade
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Independent Community Improvement to Manage Family Finances in Supporting OJK Programs

Khoirul Aswar, . Ermawati, Mahendro Sumardjo
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Impact of Exchange Rate on Economic Growth of Bangladesh

Md. Fazlul Huq Khan
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Creative Tourism and Business Development in Akwa Ibom State

Christabel D. Brownson
 Abstract views: 496
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An Investigation of the Influence of Organizational Structure on Performance of Mobile Telephone Network Operators in Kenya

Grace Karemu, Musa Nyakora, Erastus M. Thoronjo, Evans Nyamboga Mandere
 Abstract views: 608
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Employee Turnover: Causes, Importance and Retention Strategies

Walid Abdullah Al-Suraihi, Siti Aida Samikon, Al-Hussain Abdullah Al-Suraihi, Ishaq Ibrahim
 Abstract views: 25851
  Downloads: 11746